February is the official Carnival month. However the most important celebration, The National Parade, takes place the first Sunday of March in Santo Domingo’s Seafront, where comparsas of the 32 provinces of the country exhibit their work along with the various representative characters of this tradition, as for example:

  1. “Roba Gallina”: Character who satirizes the way in which  people used to punish the hen thieves by spreading tar and feathers on their bodies and making them go around the city.
  2. “Diablos Cojuelos”: The protagonists of the Carnival, inspired by an impertinent demon who, when banished from hell, injured his leg and now limps.
  3. “Califé”:  A poet dressed in a black tailcoat, white shirt and a large black hat, who criticizes in a humorous way public figures.
  4. “Los Africanos”: Men and women painted with charcoal representing the slaves.
  5. “Los Indios”: Characters that imitate the aborigines of the island with feathers, bows and spears.
  6. “La Muerte”: A skull with a black cloak that represents death.

Thanks to the proximity of Boca Beach Residence to the capital, you can attend the National Parade and come back by taxi or by car, whenever you like to. You can also enjoy the Boca Chica Carnival by simply walking through the streets and beaches, where you will find comparsas, masked people and an environment full of music and happiness. Carnival is the perfect party to live the joy of the Dominican culture to the fullest.

Are you ready to celebrate the most colorful, creative and joyous festivity of the Dominican Republic?